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Birthday cards are cards sent to celebrate a person's birthday. Traditionally, they are printed on card, placed in an envelope, and then posted by mail or hand-delivered to the recipient.

Birthday cards can be bought in shops or hand-made (a great personal touch). Additionally, if you want to make your own cards, and perhaps aren't a great artist, you can use your computer to prepare and print birthday cards. You can use standard publishing/graphics programs for this - or you can get software applications specifically designed for making cards. The advantage of the latter, is since the program is specifically intended for making greeting cards, such programs usually allow you to produce great results with much less time and effort - and may even include things like a ready-to-use selection of clipart to help you get the job done quickly.

Nowadays electronic greeting cards, known as "e-greetings", "eGreetings", "e-cards", or "eCards" are also increasingly popular. These are cards delivered in electronic form, and typically sent via email. These eCards can be generated using software (like (like E Card Wizard), or on a website, and a link to a web-page containing the customized eCard is sent via email, however sometimes the card can be attached directly to an email (though some people may have trouble receiving in this case because of anti-spam filters), and other options include using Facebook and other social media sites to deliver the card.

As already alluded to, a cool thing about electronic greeting cards, is that they usually can be customized for the recipient, for example, you can customize the card with the person's name and a special message chosen for them. Many eCards websites also allow you to add music, animation, and even your own recorded message to your eCards.

Finally, one last thing to mention - if you are thinking about creating handmade cards, while of course you are free to use your own imagination, there are many websites offering greeting card templates or "sketches" (like 101 Creative Card Sketches), which can give you ideas, inspiration, or a simply a short-cut, to producing really high-quality professional-looking greeting cards.

In summary, there are tons of great options for sending birthday greetings. Whichever one you choose, your friends and family will be pleased to receive a birthday message from you!

Here are some websites that you might find helpful:

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  • E Card Wizard
    This is software that allows you to create, print, and send high quality greeting cards with a few clicks of your mouse. It provides hundreds of templates for cards that you can print and email, and even lets you create interactive and video cards. The software is suitable for all occasions - birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's, Mother's Day, etc.
    Greeting Card Software

  • 101 Creative Card Sketches
    101 Creative Card Sketches is the ultimate resource for card layouts and designs. With 101 Creative Card Sketches, it's never been easier to make an eye-popping handmade greeting card.
    101 Creative Card Sketches


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